History of FEBCanada

The following is a brief timeline highlighting the history of FEBCanada; underlined text is a photo link.

» Canadians Gordon Brand and Rowland Hill (charter members of the Rock of Ages Quartet) first meet Robert (Bob) Bowman, during their military leave in the United States – the start of a close personal and ministry friendship.

» Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) is incorporated in the United States. Robert H. Bowman, John Broger, and William J. Roberts are FEBC's original officers.

» At the encouragement of Bob Bowman, the Rock of Ages Quartet begins promoting the work of Far East Broadcasting in Canada.
» Widely known in western Canada through their radio broadcasts and missionary musicals, the Quartet readily gains an audience in Canadian churches. As promotional work of Far East Broadcasting in Canada expands, so does the awareness of the missionary radio network by Canadian Christians.

» April – Far East Broadcasting Associates of Canada (FEBCanada) is incorporated as a non-profit, charitable organization.
» The first board of directors consists of Rock of Ages Quartet members and several other men, with Gordon Brand as chairman.
» During the early years, FEBCanada operates out of board members' homes.

» Emmett and Evelyn Peterson inaugurate the Radio Outreach Dinners in the early 1970's (now known as Friendship Dinners). These functions have remained a significant source of growth in the support of FEBCanada.

» Dan Hallam, a charter member of the Rock of Ages Quartet, succeeds Gordon Brand as chairman of FEBCanada.

» A full-time administrative staff is appointed.
» FEBCanada's first “official” office is located in the Smith Building (at West 6th Avenue and Fir Street) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Later, the ministry moves to Richmond – first on Buswell Road, then the Airport Executive Park.

» Darrell and Judy Johnson depart for the Philippines – becoming FEBCanada's first missionaries, serving in the areas of computers, broadcasting, and follow-up.

» Rev. Jim Pratt (a former missionary in Thailand, and director of Far East Broadcasting in that country) is appointed executive director of FEBCanada

» FEBCanada purchases its first computer system – takes full responsibility for the receipting of all Canadian donations.

» Rev. Art Hamm (a former missionary in India) is appointed as FEBCanada's first regional representative – working in central Canada.

» Jake Janz is appointed FEBCanada's first Prairies representative.
» October – a new avenue of ministry for FEBCanada begins with the establishment of a Chinese programming section, for the production of radio programs for broadcast to China.
» Rev. Philip Leung is appointed director of Chinese ministries; additional staff are recruited.
» Initial program production is conducted in “loaned” facilities at a local church in the Greater Vancouver area.

» August – an office / warehouse building is purchased in Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), British Columbia.

» January – renovations at the Burnaby property commence.
» May 17 – official dedication of FEBCanada's new headquarters, an occasion attended by FEBC president and co-founder Dr. Bob Bowman, as well as ministry directors from several countries.
»  Robert and Peggy Choy leave for Hong Kong as FEBCanada missionaries; Robert is involved in the areas of engineering and programming.
» Frank and Luz Matias move to Saipan as FEBCanada missionaries. Frank is involved in engineering, and Luz in program production. Prior to the appointment, the Matias' served as staff with Far East Broadcasting in the Philippines – from 1952 until 1980, when the couple immigrated to Canada.

» With the appointment of Sionh Chan as Khmu-language program producer at FEBCanada, Far East Broadcasting initiates Gospel radio broadcasts to the Khmu tribes people of Southeast Asia.

» Mark and Sandy Fuller depart for the Seychelles as FEBCanada missionaries; Mark serves as an electrical engineer at FEB Radio International's shortwave radio station. Their term is cut short by illness in the family; the Fullers return to Canada one year later.
» Jake Janz succeeds Rev. Jim Pratt as executive director.

» A satellite production studio is dedicated in Toronto (Scarborough).

»  Don Patterson joins FEBCanada as broadcast support coordinator.
» Rev. Simon Lee succeeds Rev. Philip Leung as director of Chinese ministries.
» FEBCanada missionaries Frank and Luz Matias (in Saipan), move to the Philippines for a one-year assignment with Project SAVE (Southeast Asia Voice of Evangelism). SAVE is Far East Broadcasting's single largest undertaking. This multi-million dollar project involves the replacement and upgrading of the network's aging broadcast equipment. The result is the efficient delivery of much-improved radio signals to 2.2 billion potential listeners in Southeast Asia.

» Upon the retirement of Jake Janz, the FEBCanada board appoints the management team of Don Patterson as director of broadcast support, Ken Reeve as director of administration / controller, and Rev. Simon Lee as director of Chinese ministries.
» Andrew and Grace Rees leave for Saipan as FEBCanada missionaries; Andrew joins the engineering /maintenance team.

» Rev. Klaus Tonn is appointed regional director – for the promotion of FEBCanada in the Prairies and British Columbia's Interior. Prior to the appointment, Rev. Tonn was the ministry's Prairie representative (since 1989).
» Toronto satellite studio moves to its current location in Markham, Ontario – facilitating increased program production.
» Solina Chy moves to Manila as an FEBCanada missionary, serving as a Khmer-language program producer.
» Sionh and Khamyeng Chan relocate to Chiangmai, Thailand as FEBCanada missionaries. Sionh serves as a Khmu-language program producer, while Khamyeng assists in the follow-up work.

» Rod and Beth Johnson depart for Saipan as FEBCanada missionaries. Rod is involved in the areas of engineering and computers; Beth provides secretarial and accounting support.
» Edwin Tsang is appointed director of Chinese ministries.

» Mark and Sandy Fuller embark on their second tour of duty as FEBCanada missionaries – to the Philippines. Mark joins the engineering team of Project SAVE.
» Solina Chy – missionary program producer for the Khmer language – relocates to Phnom Penh, where she becomes Far East Broadcasting's program manager in Cambodia.

» Don Fairholm succeeds Dan Hallam as FEBCanada chairman.

» The Chinese ministries department inaugurates local broadcasting in Vancouver.

» FEBCanada celebrates 40 years of God's faithfulness – the Canadian office was incorporated as a non-profit, charitable organization in 1964.
» The International Broadcast Support department inaugurates its own video production – to promote the ministry's worldwide work at its annual Friendship Dinners.

» December – FEBCanada's head office is relocated to Richmond, British Columbia.

» Kevin and Lynn Baker – seconded from Wycliffe Canada – depart for Saipan as missionaries at Far East Broadcasting's shortwave station KFBS on the island. Kevin is an experienced antenna rigger, serving in the maintenance department; Lynn is involved as a program traffic librarian at the radio station.

» January – Joseph Ko succeeds Don Patterson as director of international ministries.
» July – Werner Zurbuchen is appointed FEBCanada's regional director for Central / Atlantic Canada.

» February – Paul Birch becomes FEBCanada's chairman.
» April 8 marks the 50th anniversary of Far East Broadcasting's Canadian office - it was incorporated as non-profit, charitable organization in the province of British Columbia in 1964.

» January – Stenly Yuen becomes FEBCanada's chairman.
» August – Dave Grove is appointed FEBCanada's regional director for the Prairies and British Columbia's Interior.

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